Mr Collier, Bury St Edmunds

Mr Collier contacted us initially to ask if we could automate his existing 5 Bar Field Gate, which although was thirty years old, was in good repair. Having an electric gate would make it easier to keep the gate permanently closed and secure the driveway.

During our site visit, it became apparent that the existing gate was not of a specification conducive to the effective working of automation; the force of a new motor being applied to a wooden gate of less than 70mm thickness will cause a gate to twist under the force.

Having been advised during his call to us that this situation was one of the few reasons an existing gate may not be automated, Mr Collier was not completely surprised to discover that a new gate would have to be considered if an electric gate really was what he desired.

Various types of automation are available, and in order that the aesthetics of the gate were uninterrupted by the motor being applied directly to it, we quoted for the automation to be located in special boxes with the required drainage underground, close to the hinge points.

Vehicle access was required to be via remote controls, with pedestrians getting in and out using ‘Push buttons’ which were to be set on a timer, so that those devices could be disabled over-night for greater security. A magnetic lock to further secure the gate was also requested.

Here’s what Mr Collier wrote to us upon completion of the project:

‘Dear Sirs

I wish to give some feedback on our recently fitted Automatic Gate.

We are delighted with the finished product which looks very appropriate in its location. I was particularly surprised and pleased at the fact that the hydraulic method on the back of the gate was not used and the overall ‘’look’’ is so much better.

All credit to your team led by Paul for quick clean work and all advice and instruction offered. The team were very polite and friendly and the whole process was very positive.

I would be happy to recommend your work to anyone.

Very many thanks on a job well done.

Your faithfully

Mike and Julia Collier

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