Graham and Denise Jones, Stevenage, Hertfordshire

Graham and Denise Jones had a single, manually operated gate that initially they’d thought of having automated and contacted us for a free quotation.

It became apparent during the consultation at the property, that the old softwood gate and posts would not adequately support a motor being applied and that the Jones’ money would be better spent on having a new gate.

After considering the existing configuration, Graham decided he wanted to take advantage of this opportunity and replace the single gate with a new pair of our fully automated ‘Foxton’ style gates, as this new arrangement would afford greater access space on the driveway.

Following all our installations, we send every customer a short survey to complete so that they can share their experience with us and pass on any feedback they may have; Graham and Denise scored us 9’s and 10’s (out of a possible 10) for all 12 questions, and finished off with the following comments. They also said they would recommend us to friends and family:

‘We were very pleased with all aspects of this project. All staff were prompt and reliable and friendly – nothing was too much trouble. We love the look of our new gates, they suit our surrounds very well.

Thank you to all staff particularly the on-site team’

Graham and Denise Jones

It was a pleasure to work with the Jones’ and our thanks to them for taking the time to return the survey to us.

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