Chaul End Project

The residents of Chaul End Village were referred to us by one of our existing customers, their aim being to have an automated pair of gates at the driveway entrance, to improve the security for all properties on the development.

The challenges of having new gates to serve all inhabitants, was primarily for all parties to agree on the material the gate was to be constructed from, along with the design and the entry and exit devices – to be used by all occupants, and their visitors – to get in and out.

It was decided that a pair of black metal swing gates would be in-keeping with the surroundings and that an unusual bespoke design was required. Richard (a resident who was orchestrating the project on everyone’s behalf) sent us a very good depiction of what was required, and after extensive interaction throughout the fabrication and installation process, the gates were completed to the required specification.

Entry and exit for all concerned, was to be facilitated via a wireless intercom system with a keypad and a magnetic loop inserted just under the driveway surface.

Following the installation of the gates, Richard had this to say:

“With the last mods made yesterday to the gate, this completes the installation and, frankly, everyone is thrilled.

I appreciate that this installation tested the AutoGate Team and wasn’t always straight forward. However, by working together we have achieved an outstanding result and the residents are quite rightly, very proud of the end product. As too should everyone at AutoGate.

Please can you extend my thanks to the whole team”.

We were delighted by the positive feedback and look forward to serving Chaul End Village for many years to come.

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