Marilyn Burn & The Residents of Bury Meadows

The 44 residents of Bury Meadows were considering solutions to the problem of unauthorised people using their parking facilities when visiting the local shops and train station.

Having decided the way forward would be to have some form of entry restriction, I contacted AutoGate Services and arranged a site visit from William to get an accurate costing to present to the other residents at our general meeting. The idea to have a sliding gate (as opposed to a parking barrier) with a wireless intercom for the residents to control entry and exit for themselves and their visitors, was very well received.

The residents all agreed the way forward would be to proceed with the quotation and following the completion of the required Section 20 notice, along with some to-ing and fro-ing with the local council – to determine if planning permission was required (it was – as it turned out) as we’re in a conservation area. The project finally came to fruition in February, almost two years to the date of the initial enquiry.

Although it’s uncommon that this situation would arise, I wanted to persevere with the authorities to get a conclusive decision, and the results have definitely paid off. Everyone here is delighted with the gate and the service provided by AutoGate Services. They were amazing from start to finish and very efficient, as well as courteous and kept everything tidy during their week on site. I made lots of tea (as well as sandwiches and cakes on occasion) for which Paul and Chris were very grateful for but unexpecting of.

The residents of Bury Meadows

Everyone is now able to return home and park in their allotted space and the dustmen have no problems with getting in and out either, and therefore a great improvement for many people.

Once again, my thanks go to all at AutoGate Services. An incredible company.

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