How to choose the right electric gate

Considering the few key points below will make it easier for you to identify what style of gate best satisfies your specific requirements and help you to make the right decision, enabling you to buy with confidence.

Your starting point should be deciding whether you want to:

  • Create total privacy
  • Have some visibility of what’s going on outside your property
  • Improve kerb appeal
  • Enhance security at your property.

This will then help you choose whether to have metal or wooden gates – or a combination of both.

Metal gates designs tend to comprise rods, bars, circles and fleur de lis in various patterns. These gates create a strong, secure entrance to your driveway, allowing you to see out, and passers-by to see in. This is great if you prefer not to feel isolated from the outside world – and particularly aesthetically elegant by design.

Wooden gates appear chunkier, and can give total privacy (solid closed boarded gate design). Alternatively, you can have a half-and-half design (solid closed boarded at the bottom half, with pales in the upper half), giving you some visibility out from your property, and a restricted view in.

A combination of metal frame with your choice of wood infills is another option available, and is a good, mid-range priced product, which is both affordable and stylish and can also be made to your design.

Finally, the amount of maintenance you’re prepared to do may be something to consider. For example, are you happy to treat a softwood gate once a year, or would you prefer low maintenance hardwood gates or maintenance free metal gates?

Now you’ve discovered which gate material you’d be happy with, the next thing to think about is whether you would like the motors attached to the new gates – above ground – or whether you would like them inserted into the driveway – underground.

Because there are so many choices on offer, we’re here to help guide you through achieving this important improvement to your property, and offer a free site survey, guaranteeing you end up with an amazing product.

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