Servicing and maintenance

  • A popular choice with our customers
  • Arrange it and forget it – we’ll contact you when your gate service is due
  • One fixed price for your servicing contract, which includes labour costs for repairs

An on-going service contract is the choice for most of our customers. It’s peace of mind that your gates are fully maintained and that any repairs, if necessary, are carried out swiftly.

A service contract for peace of mind – arrange it and forget it

As with anything electrical or mechanical, regular servicing and maintenance will help to ensure many years of reliable use and may also help to prevent future problems arising. Just like a new car needs to have a regular service, a new electric gate is much the same. When you invest money in an automation system, it makes sense to have it looked after properly by us.

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Fixed price servicing and breakdown cover

Our servicing scheme guarantees fixed price servicing and breakdown cover for your automated gate and associated systems. This provides for regular servicing of your automated gate system as well as insuring against labour costs in the event something stops working.

  • Joining the scheme will bring you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that:
  • You’re getting the most from your gates and automation system by having them regularly serviced
  • The electrical and mechanical safety mechanisms have been regularly tested
  • The emergency release system will operate properly if you have a power failure
  • Your service call will take priority over non-scheme customers
  • The labour charge for a call out is included in your annual payment (except where it has been vandalised or damaged) so you only pay for any parts needed.

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What’s included in your comprehensive service?

  • Lubrication of all mechanical parts and check for oil leaks
  • Checking gate alignment and hinges
  • Checking electrical connections
  • Safety edge testing
  • Safety beam operation and cleaning
  • Control unit cleaning
  • Radio remote operation checks.

* Where a call out/repair is necessitated by accidental or malicious damage, or interference with the system by parties other than AutoGate Services personnel, a call out charge will apply at our current rates.

How much will it cost?

Guideline costs are shown below (prices are inclusive of VAT). To receive a quotation for your specific installation, please contact us on 01763853663 or email

An annual contract (One service in a 12 month period plus all the benefits outlined above)
 £276 per year (inc. VAT)

A biannual contract (Two services in a 12 month period at six monthly intervals plus all the benefits outlined above)
 £420 per year (inc. VAT)

A quarterly contract (Four services in a 12 month period at three monthly intervals plus all the benefits outlined above)
 £696 per year (inc. VAT)

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We do offer a ‘one-off service’ within a 50-mile radius of Royston for £168 but this doesn’t include the many benefits of joining the scheme.

What our customer’s say

“We are very pleased with your service and Matt who repaired our gates was very informative and the whole experience/service exceptional. We did have a slight hiccup but all was corrected and all ok now.”

Mr Mulcrone, Sawtry, Cambs

“I just wanted to say “Thank you” once again for your excellent customer services and swift response to the problem with our gates this morning…..the gates were fixed when I returned this afternoon. It was very much appreciated and a super speedy response”

Ms Haynes, Hertford

“Just a note from myself and Mr Challis to thank you so much for your kind attentions and timely actions yesterday…..We continue to believe that we chose the best company to supply and maintain our automated gate!”

David Burgess & Martin Challis, Lower Stondon, Henlow, Beds

“We have found AutoGate to be very efficient. Having a service contract has meant that we avoid expensive bills later and would recommend them to other schools as a provider”

Miss V Powell, School Business Manager, Houghton Regis Academy