Farm gates

Farm and Equestrian Gates

99% of our farming customers report the presence of gates is a major deterrent and has helped eliminate unwanted visits, so reducing theft.

Farm gatesFarm gates
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Have you ever found someone in your yard without a legitimate reason for being there? We know from our own farming background and from talking to our customers that the problem of thieves taking machinery or livestock from farms is a growing one.

Farm and equestrian gates – protect what matters to you

Our gates can help you:

  • If you need to improve your security
  • When you sell some land and have a new entry point to protect
  • If you rent out units and want to give your tenants peace of mind that their stock and the premises are more secure.

Choose from our security-focused wooden or metal farm gates

As well as being a huge deterrent, an electric gate also has a number of other advantages on a farm.

  • Leaving a manually operated gate closed all day can be inconvenient, especially when you have lots of traffic in and out of the farm or animals to secure.
  • It means no more battling to hold open and safely shut a gate in high winds, as the motor and safety cells will make sure it doesn’t close on you or your animals.
  • You never need worry whether the last person to enter did actually shut the gate behind them – and did it properly!

 Our team offer you a complete service, from a free site survey, to the manufacturing of a made-to-measure gate to installing it. We’ll help you with every aspect of your project.

Call us now and speak to an expert about your electric farm gates, without any obligation


Other benefits of our farm gates:

  • They help stop children and farm animals wandering off
  • They add an attractive feature, creating a great impression when visitors first arrive
  • They may enhance the value of your property
  • They may lower your insurance premium if you pursue a discount on your renewal as you’re deemed as a ‘superior risk’ (talk to your insurer for more information).

Here are some of the options we can discuss with you:

  • Sliding, cantilever and swing gates, and barriers
  • Entry access solutions ranging from simple remote control fobs through to GSM wireless intercoms, colour video intercoms, or PC based entry systems that enable you to restrict access to individual areas. Read more here.

In-depth understanding of your challenges

Our own management team come from a farming background. We understand how to account for the issues that might affect your installation – like high winds if you’re in an exposed spot, or the risk of flooding. Our experienced installation teams are very much aware how easily animals can be spooked by machinery and other new objects. That’s why we aim to complete your installation with minimal distress and disturbance and as swiftly as possible.

We install manual gates too

If it suits you better, we can install your manual farm or field gates and will hang them so that, should you decide to automate them in the future, this will be possible.

On this page, you’ll see our range of popular farm and equestrian gates – which probably aren’t as expensive as you may think. Why not contact us to arrange a free survey of your premises, without any obligation – even if you’re off the mains.

Our farm and equestrian gate range

Ashwell Gate

Ashwell Gate

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Wicken Gate

Wicken Gate

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Reed Gate

Reed Gate

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Barley Barrier

Barley Barrier

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What our customer’s say

“The overall service received was excellent. The installation team were outstanding. Very knowledgeable and efficient and the work was carried out to the highest standard. I would have no hesitation in recommending AutoGate Services to others.”

Mr O’Brien, Newmarket, Suffolk