Softwood vs hardwood?

Softwood gates are more typically cheaper than their hardwood counterparts. However, since the longevity of Softwood gates is dependent upon biannual treating to attain 7- 8 years of use, we recommend the investment in hardwood gates.

Our hardwood gates are manufactured using kiln dried Iroko hardwood timber. This timber is a sustainable West African wood and is extremely durable. It has minimal movement. Your hardwood gates will naturally “weather down” evenly to a silver grey colour. You won’t need to apply any treatments, but some people like to paint or stain them for cosmetic reasons.

Hardwood gates will last for a minimum of 30 – 35 years and you will get many years of pleasure from them. Your hardwood gate will surpass it’s softwood counterparts in terms of it’s superior grain, and low knot count. A hardwood gate will look good for a very long time and give you years of enjoyable service.

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