Sliding, Cantilever and Security Gates

For practicality, durability and style

Designed for the practicalities of your needs and location, our sliding and cantilever gates and security gates can provide what you’re looking for in terms of security, control, durability and style. Take a look too at rising barriers and rising bollards, which may be other options to consider with our knowledgeable team.

Sliding gates and cantilever gates for your premises

If there isn’t room inside your grounds for a swing gate or your entrance is on a slope, it could be that a sliding gate is your best option. Our sliding gate systems offer a complete solution, including options for different levels of usage, and entrances of different widths. As they don’t need a rail across across the entrance, cantilever gates come into their own when you have many articulated lorries coming on site, or if there’s a lot of mud and dirt around that could get trapped in a rail. Choose from our standard range or have something made just for you – all with real durability and style.
Whether you’re looking for sliding/cantilever gates for industrial premises, a hospital, hotel or other location, we’ll also use our expertise to advise you on the best automation/entry and exit solutions for your system.


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Security gates

Choose our security gates for a level of protection and reassurance appreciated by both employees and the public. With comprehensive knowledge and expertise, we can offer you a realistic solution. If you’re not sure about your options, our team will be happy to discuss them with you.

Here are some of your options:

  • Access systems include intercom, video link and GSM systems
  • A GSM system can be programmed to ring a mobile phone allowing you to provide access while the security gate’s unmanned
  • We can provide anti climb measures
  • Single point palisade gates can offer an extra security option




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Get the right solution for your premises

Call our friendly experts now for free,
no obligation advice 01763 853663

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You can also have security fencing to complement your security gates through our service.

“Due to the expansion of Europa Components, the company relocated to our Luton address. The larger premises plus car park area required secure entrance gates and Autogate Services designed and installed this for us.

We have two system modes available to use. Remote control operation allows us to open or close our gate in emergencies as this can be done from the comfort of our offices or cars. The keypad pass code control allows us the option of out of hours usage as the gate is set to automatically close once used.

The gate immediately enhanced our site security and together with the service and repair agreement, I would have no hesitation in recommending Autogate Services.”

P. Carter, Operations Manager, Europa Components, Luton

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When you need more traffic control

Rising Barriers >


For some security and also visual appeal as they’re tucked away underground when they’re not in use

Rising Bollards >

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