Farm and Equestrian Gates

Protect what matters to you with our traditional farm gates

Security focused wooden or powder-coated steel farm gates can be a very worthwhile investment. They help stop opportunists from coming onto your property, and help you keep your animals safe. If you have horses in particular, we understand how they’re unpredictable ‘flight’ animals and if loose can cause a lot of damage to others as well as themselves. Our automated wooden or powder-coated steel farm gates and entry solutions can help you protect them while also helping to minimise horse and tack theft, which has seen a significant nationwide increase due to the ever-increasing cost of keeping horses.

Don’t forget to shut the field gate

No more battling to hold open and safely shut a gate in high winds as the motor and safety cells will make sure it doesn’t close on you or your animals. With an electric field gate installed, you never need worry whether the last person to enter did actually shut it behind them – and did it properly!


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Other benefits of our galvanised farm gates:

  • They help stop children and pets wandering off
  • They add an attractive feature when visitors first arrive
  • They can enhance the value of your property
  • They can lower your insurance premium if you pursue a discount on your renewal as you’re deemed as a ‘superior risk’ (talk to your insurer for more information.

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Our team

Our experienced team are very much aware how easily animals can be spooked by machinery and other new objects. That’s why we aim to complete your installation as swiftly as possible.

We install manual gates too

We’re happy to install your manual farm or field gates and will hang them so that should you decide to automate them in the future, this will be possible.

Entry options

Read more about all the available options, from keypads to intercoms and timer systems on our Entry and Exit Solutions page.

On this page, you’ll see our range of popular farm and equestrian gates – which probably aren’t as expensive as you may think. Why not contact us to arrange a free survey of your premises, without any obligation.

“Many thanks for your services, I’m completely happy with the gate and customer service. The whole thing was exactly what I was looking for. I don’t have a bad thing to say for any of the guys who worked the job, the two installers and the electrician were very polite, helpful, efficient and professional. First class all the way and I certainly don’t say that about every company that I do business with. Many thanks for your help and and patience, I’ll certainly recommend you to anyone who is considering having a gate installed.”

Mr G Crawley, Lower Farm, Hemel Hempstead, Herts


Need some help?

Call our friendly experts now: 01763 853663

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