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Gate Safety Week

Why we’re backing Gate Safety Week

At AutoGate Services, we’re delighted to be adding our voice to those supporting this year’s Gate Safety Week, which runs from October 13 to 19 and is aimed at alerting people to the potential dangers of poorly maintained and installed gates.

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Sliding Gates from Autogate

Sliding Gates – Perfect If You’re Short of Space

Sometimes it’s just not possible to have gates installed to a home. Or at least that’s what you might have thought – until now.

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Can I Upgrade My Existing Gate?

If you already have gates on your property or place of work, you’ve made an excellent decision. You have succeeded in making your house or warehouse more secure, you’ve added a deterrent, and you’ve upgraded your curb appeal too; gates just look great, there’s no question about it.  But could your gates be more? Could […]

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Automated Gates for improved home security

How Automated Gates Improve Home Security

There’s just something about a gated entrance to a house or driveway that not only looks attractive but that also looks special. And when it is automated, it’s even better. Safe, secure, and a great deterrent to thieves, automated gates can make your home security top class. Are Automated Gates Really Better Than Manual Ones? […]

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How do I best secure my farm?

Your first step is to ensure your farm has a good, solid entrance gate that is kept closed at all times. An open entrance is just an invitation to thieves and allows them to have a good look round with the intent to return later and help themselves to the very items that you rely […]

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Can my existing gate be automated?

In most cases yes, automation can be added to most existing gates. If your gates have hinges that face each other it is a straight forward job. If your gates have hinges that are not facing each other then you can easily have additional brackets or other metalwork fitted. A free site survey will help […]

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Softwood vs hardwood?

Softwood gates are more economical than their hardwood counterparts. Our softwood gates will come to you already treated with ACQ Permawood treatment to protect against rot. You won’t need to apply any further treatments unless you specifically want to for cosmetic reasons. Your softwood gates will last for anywhere between 15 – 25 years and […]

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